We have a CNC tube-shaper made by BLM Group and a modern updated last generation SMI Group machine; we have calenders and semi-automatic tooling specifically studied to make aluminum, copper and steel tubing , in different shape and sizes to be used in several applications.

The precision of our procedures allows the application in milled plates . Our serpentines are equipped, on customer's demand, with different kinds of spacers to meet all kind of requirement.

Some copper serpentines, being used for special applications, are treated with a particular galvanic process composed of 99% pure tin , lead and impurities completely free , granting the tube a perfect protection against corrosion.

For different applications, our serpentines are painted or protected by a special shrink sleeve.

Other models are being used for wall heating systems, for electronic components cooling , in the food industry, beer draft, and special applications in medical field.

Serpentines treated with galvanic process

Copper serpentines

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2013-17M.jpg Steel serpentines
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