The company today

LCF srl was set up in 1976 by Umberto and Marisa Ferrari in 'Oltrepò Pavese', a beautiful hilly area not far from Pavia and Milan, and was initially involved in the field of refrigeration products through its production of components, fittings, evaporators, heat exchangers with capillary and suction lines.

In 2006 Katia Ferrari, the founders' daughter, came to the Company's general management, and decided to move the headquarter and factory to Casale Monferrato, in Alessandria neighborhood, where since the early sixties a strong concentration of factories operating in the refrigeration field are located, and where the Company is currently based in a land area of 14.000 square meters and a construction area of 2500 square meters. The client portfolio was widened, and the areas of activity enlarged to new fields such as thermo hydraulic and medical applications.

The LCF 'human' dimension allows customers to feel to be at any time the main actor and to consider Lcf the ideal partner for any particular requirement and industrial necessity in their activity; as a matter of fact, every single product is developed and built according to customer's specific design.